Eliminator Building 29′ Outerlimits

Eliminator Boats of Mira Loma, CA, is practically synonymous with West Coast custom water rockets. But the builder of the ever-popular Daytona hull series is about to grab a unique taste of notoriety—by building boats with an unmistakably East Coast styling.

Company President Bob Leach said work is progressing on his first new 29′ Outerlimits vee-bottom, a collaboration with Mike Fiore of the Bristol, R.I.-based builder of offshore vees up to 52 feet. “Mike contacted me about building a new step bottom mold with four steps,” Leach told Performance Boats. “Our intent is to build them for his customers back East. We’re going to build them and sell them to our customers as well.”


The 29, whose overall length actually measures a full 29’11″, will be available in closed bow, open bow, walk-through or mid cabin cuddy versions. “I expect big things out of this boat,” says Leach, who describes the 29′ as a “phenomenally fast and fuel-efficient hull” that runs 94 mph with a single 525. “I’m sure it would accommodate twin engines,” he adds. “Think about it—if it runs that fast with a 525, it’s going to run 75 mph with just a stock 502.”


At press time, Eliminator was in the process of laying up its first hull for Outerlimits, a company Leach says makes a good fit for Eliminator. “Mike builds some beautiful boats. I’m very impressed with some of the designs he has created—he’s done some very nice stuff,” Leach says. “Obviously, they’re very good on performance. They do very well at the shootout at LOTO with some of the vee bottoms. One thing we’re going to bring to the table for Mike is the gelcoat finish.”


Eliminator was a no-show at the recent Los Angeles Boat Show, explaining that the shop was busy building nine boats. “I don’t think we’ve missed a show in close to 40 years,” he said. “ But we sold a number of boats in December and just didn’t have the manpower to send four guys to the show and take two days moving in and then moving out.” But he added that Eliminator is planning to mount a regatta later this year in Lake Havasu.

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