Bikini Archives: Scott Morrow’s 18′ Syndicate

Scott Morrow  owns this 18′ Syndicate, a line built by Jimmy LaRicca beginning in 1979 and through the 1990s. It’s powered by a 454 with a 1450 Holley carb.

681A4984 681A4985 681A4986 681A4987 681A4988 681A4989 681A4990 681A4991 681A4992 681A4993 681A4994 681A4995 681A4996 681A4997 681A4998 681A4999 681A5000 681A5002 681A5003 681A5014 681A5015 681A5016 681A5017 681A5019 681A5020 681A5022 681A5023 681A5024 681A5025 681A5026 681A5027 681A5028 681A5029 681A5030 681A5031 681A5095 681A5096 681A5097 681A5098 681A5099 681A5100


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