Bikini Archives: Josh Doyle’s 18′ Rogers

Josh Doyle’s 18′ Rogers is powered by a 496 aluminum-headed Chevy. The two-seater is a very light hull—300 lbs.

681A4492 681A4496 681A4500 681A4501 681A4502 681A4503 681A4504 681A4505 681A4506 681A4511 681A4512 681A4513 681A4518 681A4520 681A4521 681A4522 681A4523 681A4491 681A4524 681A4525 681A4526 681A4474 681A4475 681A4476 681A4477 681A4478 681A4479 681A4480 681A4481 681A4482 681A4483 681A4484 681A4486 681A4488 681A4490

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