Bikini Archives: Jordan Endler’s Cole TR-2

Mark and Jordan Endler of Saint Ynez, CA, are the father-and-son partners in this 1978 Cole TR-2, which sports a paint job by the late, legendary Dick Vale. It’s got a 496-c.i. big block Chevy.

681A4950 681A4951 681A4952 681A4953 681A4954 681A4955 681A4956 681A4957 681A4958 681A4959 681A4960 681A4961 681A4962 681A4963 681A4964 681A4965 681A4948 681A4966 681A4920 681A4921 681A4922 681A4923 681A4925 681A4926 681A4928 681A4929 681A4930 681A4931 681A4933 681A4934 681A4935 681A4936 681A4937 681A4938 681A4939 681A4919 681A4940 681A4941 681A4946 681A4947

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